Welcome to Insights from Holy Child

Dear Parents and Friends,

I am pleased to share with you this first edition of our new blog, Insights from Holy Child. This replaces Tom’s Blog, primarily because I will not be the only or primary person writing the blogs.

Our faculty and administration will be the main contributors, sharing their expertise about how children learn, grow and develop. For example, I think every parent experiencing adolescence for the first time would benefit from Steve Clarke’s clear understanding of middle school issues. Which early childhood parent would not be better for having shared in the common sense wisdom that Rita Smith has gained after a 35+ year career teaching 4 year olds?

This forum will allow us to share our insights and serve as thought leaders about emerging issues in the education sector and in society. We also hope to engage more members of our community—including parents and alumni eventually—to share their perspectives via this forum.

We plan to publish approximately 12 times a year on the last Friday of each month. All subscribers to the Holy Child Herald will receive notification when a new blog is published, and of course, feel free to share the blog(s) with your friends and associates.

I hope you find them to be affirming and useful!

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